Martial arts injury statistics

Martial arts training is safer today than in the past. The extent to which you get injured, if you do get injured, depends a lot on you. Overall, when training in martial arts in Tampa, you shouldn’t worry too much about injuries.

Which martial arts programs are you less likely to get injured in?
When you look at martial arts research, you’ll see that the program with the fewest injuries is Tai Chi. Coming from China, Tai Chi is known as “shadowboxing,” which is why it’s so safe. Here you’re focusing on meditating and learning how to move calmly and softly. Since you’ll never have any contact with other students throughout your martial arts training here, it’s hard to get injured.

Another martial arts program in the Tampa Bay area with a low injury rate is Kung Fu. This is another Chinese art form that focuses on movement. It also focuses on counterstrikes. While there’s only a 14% chance of getting hurt by Tai Chi, there’s a 30% chance of getting hurt with Kung Fu. This is because training is much more intense, so injuries stem from doing the hard strengthening exercises.

Rounding out the top three programs of martial arts in Tampa that you’re least likely to get hurt by practicing is Aikido. The low injury rate that accompanies this martial arts training surprises a lot of people primarily because this isn’t a very effective martial arts program. However, you can’t overlook the fact that Aikido is all about throwing and slamming people as well as executing various types of wrist locks. All these things can result in injuries to your arm joints, back, shoulder cap, and other areas of your body.

How can you avoid getting injured by martial arts training?
As you can see, today, martial arts training is quite safe. You don’t place yourself at high risk of being injured. However, like with any other sport, it’s still possible to become injured while participating in martial arts in Tampa. Typically, this is because you’ve made a mistake or been involved in some other type of accident.

There are some things you can do to avoid injury. To improve your safety, you should:

  • Make sure you always wear safety gear, especially if you’re involved with one of the striking arts (e.g., Muay Thai, boxing). This includes a mouthpiece, headgear, gloves, and shin pads. If you spar without wearing such gear, you greatly increase your likelihood of being injured.
  • Always use the proper techniques. Many people become injured while participating in martial arts training because they’ve either landed a hard strike or exploded from a grappling position without using the proper technique. This is why it’s so important to learn your basic moves first.
  • Warm up before practicing. Studies show that cold muscles are more likely to be injured. Therefore, it’s vital that you always do a proper warm-up prior to joining a class. This only takes 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Remember, stretching plays a major part in your training because it helps you be more flexible, and it also helps your muscles recover so you’re less sore.

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