you do need to find the right form so that you’re sure to enjoy yourself and stick with it

With so many different types of martial arts available to choose from, you may wonder which is right for you. Not only can you feel overwhelmed by all of these choices, but you must also consider that what’s right for you now may not be right for you in the future. Nevertheless, training can be quite rewarding – both for your fitness and your overall well-being. However, you do need to find the right form so that you’re sure to enjoy yourself and stick with it. Here’s a sampling of the main ones.

Muay Thai/Kickboxing
This is a centuries-old practice that originated in Thailand. You’ve probably seen it demonstrated by Jean Claude Van Damme in Kickboxer or by Tony Jaa in any of the Ong Bak movies. Today, many of the techniques are also commonly used in the UFC.

If you choose to learn this type of karate, you’ll be learning techniques through drilling combos. Once you’ve learned to properly throw the strikes, you’ll start sparring, which is where the real test of your endurance lies.

This is great for anyone who wants to compete in martial arts, kickboxing, or MMA. It’s also relatively easy for anyone who’s already flexible. However, it isn’t the most practical form in terms of self-defense.

Wing Chun Kung Fu
Originating in China, this close-range form places a lot of focus on balance and relaxation techniques. It isn’t commonly featured in movies, but it is thrown into some action sequences since its rapid punches are exciting to watch.

This type of martial arts requires a lot of visualization, and due to its unique stance, you’ll find yourself being sore in a lot of odd places. Additionally, if you have issues with personal space or slow reflexes, this art form isn’t right for you. You should also know that there are very few kicks involved, so this type of karate can be extremely tough on your forearms.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
In the early 1900s, this ground-based grappling technique broke off from judo. Since then, many people have wanted to learn it because Royce Gracie has used it to dominate UFC tournaments.

Here the objective is to make your opponent submit by either knocking them out or inflicting a great deal of pain. Therefore, a lot of wrestling (a.k.a. rolling) is involved. This will provide you with a very intense full-body workout and an iron grip.

Jiu-Jitsu isn’t the best choice if you’re looking to get into martial arts for self-defense or if you have personal space issues. However, it’s a great sport as tournaments are becoming more common.

Choosing the Best Martial Arts Form for You
Whether you’re looking for classes for you or your children, there are a lot of things that you must take into consideration. When you’re ready to have a discussion about the different styles and which one is right for you, we invite you to stop by Elevate Martial Arts in Tampa, FL. Here you’ll find everything you’re looking for, including a comfortable and welcoming environment in which you’ll thrive as you learn new skills.