Do I have to have any experience in Martial Arts?

No! We have specific Martial Arts classes for your exact skill level, regardless of your prior experience! If you’re looking to simply get in shape and improve confidence, or even if you want to build discipline, leadership skills and compete, we’ve got the right Self-Defense Classes for you!

How long does it take to get a Black Belt?

Great question! Earning a Black Belt is an individual journey. Everyone progresses at their own rate depending on how much they dedicate themselves to training in Martial Arts! Our expert instructors here at Elevate Martial Arts are committed to giving you the highest level of Martial Arts Education on your unique journey to Black Belt!

My child got bullied, will this help?

Absolutely! Our expert instructors are trained to empower our young students to stand up for themselves in situations where they are being bullied. From their very first day, our students are trained to speak up for themselves when somebody isn’t treating them fairly. Click here to see how our Kids Martial Arts Program will ‘Bully-Proof’ your child!

What if my child has ADHD?

Did you know that some of the most successful athletes were born with some form of hyperactivity disorder? What we have discovered is that Children with excess energy and a lack of attention span simply need a physical outlet! Our Kids Martial Arts Program has been proven repeatedly to be an amazing way to channel that excess energy, check it out!

My child is shy, how will this help?

As adults, we know that sometimes we have to face challenges in life in order to become better! Kids Martial Arts is an amazing way to help your child become more social, more confident, and more fit, all while having an awesome time with their friends! Parents and kids LOVE our Martial Arts Classes in South Tampa – and so will you!